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With the influence of the Fire Element, the Fire Goat becomes the most social and energetic of the Goat types. The passionate Fire Goat is known for self-reliance and independence.

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While other members of the Goat sign have moderate goals, the Fire Goat is driven to success. In the face of any obstacle, the Fire Goat is known to display undying determination.

The Fire Goat is also more impulsive than other members of its sign and is not afraid to explore new, unusual interests. The Fire Goat also has streaks of creativity, especially appreciating performance. As is the case with all members of the Goat sign, the Fire Goat has strong social qualities and is a sought after companion.

Determined and likable, the Fire Goat has many career opportunities to explore. When embracing their ambition, the Fire Goat could do well in business, advertising or administration. Similarly, the artistic passion of the Fire Goat may lead to a career in architecture, design or fashion.

Those born under the Fire Goat sign have been known to win many fans with their passionate performances. This can be seen in the careers of Will Ferrell and Julia Roberts, who were both born in Although the influence of the Fire Goat is largely positive, those born under the sign also have to face some shortcomings. At times, the passionate Fire Goat may be a bit unrealistic in their pursuits and expectations.


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