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This is an in-depth and personal look at who you really are. It will reveal amazing and thought provoking issues about your character. The better you know yourself, the greater your control of the future. Vocation comes from the Latin, vocatio, a calling, and vocare, to call. This report searches for your calling in life not only for making a living, but also your meaning and purpose.

Astrology, Psychology, Mysticism #1

It will cast light on issues that can help you to achieve personal success. It describes what sort of work would suit your basic temperament and lead to your fulfilment. This report is especially written for parents in mind who want to encourage and enable their child to find and follow their own creative and fulfilling path from as early as possible. It is also enlightening for adults to have this report done for their own childhood. It provides some intriguing insights about a time when you were too young to understand what life is all about.

Liz Greene - Astrodienst

Our relationships provide us with some of the deepest and most mysterious experiences of our lives. Why do we feel attracted to some people, but not to others? Why does love fade away in some cases and yet last for decades in others? Why does love mean happiness and fulfilment for some people, while others experience hate and destructiveness? Psychology and astrology can offer many insights into the inner mechanisms of relationships.

The combination of both — a psychological view of the partners and their needs, enlightened by the deep wisdom of the horoscope — can help us to find our way through the sometimes uncertain sphere of love more consciously and with more alternatives and choices. The Relationship Horoscope is designed for love relationships between two adults.

It is written in a lively and inspiring style, but very profound in psychological terms.

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This is your own personal forecast. The better you know yourself the better you can manage and control your future. It compares planetary positions over the next 12 months and compares them to their positions at the moment of your birth. It produces stunningly accurate results. It starts from the 1st of the month. Modern calendars are good for making appointments, but they no longer synchronize with natural cosmic cycles.

Anybody had their Psychological Horoscope done?

The more you become aware of planetary cycles, the more you can boost your personal power by falling into this natural rhythm. The long-term forecast looks at the next six years and analyses the planetary influences to which you will be subjected. All reports start on January 1st. The following four reports are economically priced. The content is more basic, yet essential and enlightening. They will provide you with valuable insights. This report analyses your character and personality based on the delineation of the planets by sign, house and alignments. It explains your Sun sign, your Moon sign and your rising sign plus a host of other factors that are personal to you. It will help you to understand your astrological inheritance, why you tend to be a certain way and how to make the most of your talents. It is recommended for anyone over 14 years old. Here you will find an opportunity to better understand your children and how to support them in dealing with the problems they face in growing up. In fact, more have folded every time I review my links.

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They often go to WordPress initially, before vanishing entirely as the Internet evolves. Strongly orientated towards the psychological viewpoint, but with their free ephemerides and calculation services Astrodienst is an excellent resource for all those interested in more serious astrological application.

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It should be high on your list of sites to visit. You can search the growing photographic database via a combination of Sun, Moon and ascendant placings. You can even submit your own photo if you wish!

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Every few months another handful disappear, leaving corporate entities to plug the gap with generic horoscopes that mean little to anyone. Contrast them with this site for instance and the myriad astrological calculations it offers for your reference, covering property to fertility and from calendars to ephemerides. Takers for Scorpio and Gemini as the perfect match, anyone? Me, I just like the celebrity birth data, especially the astrology section.