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Although most of them are better educated and smarter, yet many of them demand and receive more financial support from their parents, without any effort on their part, and to make matters even worse, some will then use their idle time and easy money to get themselves into trouble. If not at home, they may even join rebellious groups and -go across the country to demonstrate or protest, sometimes, against our very democratic system, which enables their parentS to earn a better living besides supporting them. Maybe they never heard of the saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Eters seem to be confused as to what is expected of them; they may be restless, frustrated and finally settle for an excuse that the old folks are squares, or too dumb to do anything elso but work or just; too old-fashioned, but in reality, a lot of young folks as well as old, have learned to blame it all on "the. Remember when the child labor law was enacted? That robbed many youngsters of the opportunity to work, earn and learn or gain practical experience.

Not only that, but it added their numbers to the ones already roaming the street or other undesirable places, and this is the group of young people who grew up since the era of child labor law. My point is that, if you take a youngster who is energetic and ambitious and deny him the chance to spend his energy working, he may then very well spend his energy in some wrongdoing because he or she has to have action and an outlet. Editor's note: Brother Emil, you are right to a certain degree, however, that the CL law was enacted to stop the exploitation of children in the factory "sweat shops" and not labor on the farm, as we knew it, of part-time and after-school jobs.

As it is now, mama and papa work harder to give the children more; the youngsters play around more and more with less and less supervision and are getting into more and more mischief, with the money and idle time. Do you remember how we used to work and earn a little money? Yes, and we still found time for fun and recreation. However, not too much time was left for getting into too much mischief. Of course, there are many other factors also involved. Children form their habits early in life and! It is most gratifying to know that our rSPJST Lodge 88 and many other sister lodges are still devoting so much time, especially through the youth program, to keep our youngsters occupied.

In other words doing away, as much as possible, with the generation gap, or goof! Saturday, October 16, dance to the smooth rhythm of Ray Jurecka's band. Saturday, October 23, another dance, to the Lee Roy Matocha variety music. Oh yes, Czech Day Sunday, October A delicious fried chicken dinner will be served from on, plus the good pastries, which I am sure the good sisters will bring. We will have a live radio broadcast over radio station KFRD from to p. Then a short program, also presentation of plaques to honor members, all this followed by a CZech costume grand march and a free dance to music by the Clarence Baca Band!

Did you hear Clarence play lately? Boy is he getting professional! Keep it up, Clarence; you can't keep a good boy down. By the way, most of you ,know that Czechs are among some of the best and most loyal Americans; however, on Czech Day, October 24th, they are going Czech all the way, costumes and all, and on that day all of you members and guests, regardless of what nationality, are welcome to be one of us so those of you who haVe Czech costumes, put them on and strut with us, but don't stay home just for the lack of a costume s.

News and comments — Sunday, September 19, the youth club sponsored an ice cream social and at least 60 members enjoyed the cream, games, and record playing, Marcekil Malak, our youth leader and her assistants appreciated the homemade ice cream donations. Charlene and Leslie were united in marriage by Rev. Black at 3 p. The charming bride is the daughter of Mr. Carl Leutz and the groom is the son of Mr. Leslie Higgs. The maid of honor was Beverly Kittman. Wednesday, October 0, flower girl, and she looked like a little flower herself.

The complete wedding party was so beautifully attired that I could not do them justice by going into details, and I regret that I do not have the groomsmen's names. The reception was held at the Sokol Hall, where a delicious barbecue dinner was served with all the trimmings. The golden fluid was flowing freely, and the rest of the evening was enjoyed by dancing to Linhart's good music. Dorothy and Leland Hensley had the help of our new members, Mary and Floyd Melcer at the very well attended Vrazels dance.

Marlene Caraway and friends surprised her husband, Tommie with a cake and jitherwise helped to celebrate his birtliaay. Grandparents are Evelyn and Otto Mikeska, however, it almost got grandma down, because Evelyn is just getting over a bout with pneumonia. John Michalsky celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, while Paul and Marie Grohmann celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. There were some more celebrants whose names did not reach mb.

The Friday night free movie was acclaimed as very good and interesting, however, due to school activities on Friday nights, too many went to football games and not enough to see the very good film, but the folks who did attend wish to have the film continued, so on the last Friday in October, the 29th, there will be another showing; probably film from Mexico and Czechoslovakia. President Tillie Helmcamp, who obtained the film with quite a bit of inconvenience wishes to thank Waldo Kalich, for handling the sound, Vaclav Cmelinsky for projecting, Oscar Helmcamp and Clarence Baca with setting up the chairs.

Seems as though Clarence has a way of popping up at the right places at the right time, when it comes to help. Yes, the Longhorns won! Betty Poston, who was in a serious Accident Quite some time ago, finally recovered ot tough to attend our social ni ght and ,. IC eyes, but is hark up and. DIalia, and Leon Hart. Our sympathy le their families. Frankie Sembera lost his uncle, while yours truly lost his brother-in-law, Ernest Laqua of Moulton. The Birthday Club sisters have their party, luncheon and games every first Wednesday of the month and their meeting and more party every second Wednesday of the month.

The functions start at 10 a. Our social nights are held every Thursday; supper starts at 6, games at 8 p. I felt so sorry for Mrs. J, Stayton, although she was there faithfully, playing as per the rules, and her daughter's name was the lucky number! The result was the same as when they call you on "Dialing for Dollars" you ,just have to be there. Our monthly meeting will be held on Monday, October 11th, beginning at p.

The Dramatic Club members will be honored.

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Refreshments after the meeting will be served. Cermak at Corpus Christi. Dinner will be served at a. The meeting will be called to order at p. District VII Youth Fund needs money for youth expenses, therefore, a cake walk will be held after the program. Please, mothers and friends, donate a cake or cakes for this good cause. In this issue you will find the district's minutes from the spring meeting which was held on April I was. My dad became sick just before the spring meeting and was admitted to the hospital on April I take him every Tuesday tor a blood count and every Wednesday for medication.

In between, I was kept busy with our over-sized garden. Every spring and fall we plant vegetables to be sold to several large super markets. The pinto beans made a very good spring crop, then the okra began and that's when my husband and I had to get moving. For several weeks we picked 6 or 7 bushels of okra daily; the blackeyed peas were exceptionally good and also the cantaloupes. I also canned several boxes of peaches and filled the freezers with whatever was handy to freeze at the time. Now, the rains are a problem. The worst of it was in early August when we had 12 inches and the cotton was ready to pick.

There was a big loss to the cotton crop, but not too much for the Milo. It has been raining now for a long time, since September 9th, when "Fern" made her appearance on the Texas coast. The lady didn't know what to do, in what direction she should go inland, and of course, we were the target. The wind blew for at least 15 hours and it rained plenty. Corpus Christi was flooded, as was Robstown, Odem, Sinton and several other towns.

We had only six inches of rain but in Corpus they had 16 inches and up to 34 inches fell in Papolote in two days. It has been raining ever since Fern was here. There wasn't much damage done by wind but by rising water. There is a lot to learn about the insurance, and the procedures of the association. I am kept busy with my new assignment and we, here in Corpus Christi, hope to write up a large amount of insurance. Her mother is a member of Lodge No. Dear Members, The meeting was called to order at p. Visitors were Mr. Brother Silas Smith reported that the board of trustees will hold their meeting on Monday night, October 4th: Darlene Engelke read the minutes of their Tuesday night, September 7th meeting.

The youth club report Michael Galler reported that the youth are" selling tickets to raise motley to go to Six Flags. They planned a Halloween party for October 31st. Watch for details on this later. The youth club will have a game party at the October meeting. Each family is asked to brink at least one gift for the games. Our financial secretary gave her report. Sister Engelke said we shouId:' start planning for our Christmas party, at the October meeting, the lodge Christmas party will be up for discussion.

Be sure and present your ideas So we will know what to plan for and how you wish it, to be carried out. He has been at the office several times. We are certainly pleased to hear thi g -godrept. Thavbnserl blood donors for Brother Morris. Blood is still needed to replaCe what was used. You may go to any hospital or the Red Cross Blood Center,. They will witness the dedication of their new lodge hall on Saturday, November 6, and Sunday, November '7. Picture from Vestnik files. Martin V.

Smith, Sr. Rhea Opal G. Smith Brother Nick Morris. It will be greatly Rose L. Stone Transfers in — Gilbert F. Marek and appreciated. Teri Dawn Towery Betty B. Welcome to Lodge are: Elaine R. Barnett Michael J. Pustejovsky Ira Niswanger is ill. We hope he is feelShirley Henkleman James L. Grantham ing better.

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Martin Owens, wife of Vincent A. Evelyn Marek Fritz A. Grohoski We certainly wish her good luck. Witta Albina Jaska very ill in the hospital. We also wish Edward Malkey Alicia R. Leonard him a speedy recovery. We hope that Selina Malkey Charles H. Leonard, Jr. Malkey Charles H. Leonard, III ing. Betty Joyce Malkey Patricia A. Leonard Willford C. Gajdosik Paul A. Leonard The members of Lodge 66 wish to Kimberly A.

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Johnson Cynthia Slafka congratulate their first place winners: Ian T. Gammill Norbert P. Congratulations Billie I. Kolinek Sandra K. Kolinek, Sr, Selma A. Sinkule Kenneth W. Monthie Deborah J. Smith from District III. Smith happy and exciting year ahead. Adolph Marek Marsha G. Smith, Jr.

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Parma; youth — Becky Schiemenz. The cake was brought by Lorri Slovak. There will be a big harvest dance, Saturday night, October 9, a benefit dance for 5-year-old Robert Joe Seith. Our next lodge moeting will be held Sunday, October 17th beginning at p. I hope to see you there. Dear Members, First of all, I want to ask if everyone has plenty of rain? Although I am not complaining we did have water all over the place for three days.

We couldn't get out of the house without Stepping into about five inches of water. In fact, the water wasn't a bother, but those friendly little mosquitoes wanted to kiss you all the time and when they got a chance to land on you, they sure did kiss you hard. I want to mention to our members that they will have to wake up and come to our meeting. He was at, our last meeting, Which was September 13th, and he passed away September 18th due to a heart attack. I want to remind our members that their premium refund checks are here to be picked up at the next meeting — October 11th, beginning at p.

Recipients are Elsik, Joe- T. Fraternally, Mrs. The'ruembers in our area are glad to. Morris is doing Well after his operation. We wish him well and good health. We say thank you to his wife, Sister Morris, and family for the help and assistance you gave to your husband and father during his recuperation from his surgery. May the Good Lord bless all of you.

Fraternally, Alvin J. Dear Members, Our regular Lodge No. After all the picnics, jamboree parades, rains and hurricane watching, members are now more settled. Come out to your meeting and let's have a good attendance. Try to be there. Fraternally, Adolph A. Wagner, Secy. Program Chairman — John G. Bubak Secretary — Mrs. Bessie Roames Treasurer — Mrs. Supreme lodge officers of the societies are invited to come , t2 the stage and be recognized. Part I — Livestock Coliseum 10 a. Adanicik 1. Welcome Address — English and Czech — Prof. Calvin C. Explaining the procedure in selecting the king and queen for the day and the oldest married couple.

Musical number by the Dallas Czech Concert. Worth, Ennis and Dallas. Dallas Czech Concert Orchestra. Johnnie Havelka. Louka Zelena; b. U studanky sedela c. Ta nase pisnicka ceska; d. Pode mlejnem. Krasna pastyrka; b. Chalou hp y pod hornmi; c. Icrasna pasacka; d. Co je to za devcatka. Senior Choir; directed by Don Netek, accompanist Mrs.

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Co sedlaci, co clelate; b. Tancuj tancuj, vykrucaj; c. C'esti farrnari; d. Nezlobte se rodicove. Introduction and recognition of special guests. Proclamation of the king and queen for the day and the oldest married couple. Presentation of the Czech Day cast and closing remarks. Part II — Band Shell to 9 p. Charles p. An interesting program will continue in the Band Shell. You will meet your friends and make neW friends. While you Eat traditional Czech food and drink your favorite beverage, Charles F'. Lively, colorful costumes will prevail.

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At p. Miss Agnes Houdek and Mrs. Zdenka Skotak will discuss various original costumes. The Czech Day Souvenir Counter will display interesting exhibits. Anne Zvolanek will be in charge and will be delighted to assist you in selecting a souvenir. In the Women's Building at Petr, and the Taylor Czech Chorus, Mrs. James Bartosh director, and Mrs. Alvin Kubala, pianist. Ruby L. The American Czech Festival Society expresses its appreciation to those who so willingly assisted in the preparation of the Czech Day program. Thank you very much.

ivyvojanyr.tk This day is our 21st anniversary of the Czech Days at the State Fair of Texas, and it could not be a success 'Without guests. We trust that you will enjoy the day, and look forward for future Czech Days. He gave the welcome address from the host lodge, Lodge Next Brother Kostelnik was called upon to start the meeting. Brother David Hrncir, flag bearer, presented the colors and led the entire membership in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

Thee minutes were read, and with ;one minor correction, were approved. The roll call of district officers revealed that all were present. District VII keeps the two funds in separate checking accounts in order to keep the youth fund money separate from that of the district.

This method has always been used in this district. He began his ad dress by reading the Lord's Prayer. He said that he hopes to visit every lodge in the district from San Antonio to the Valley. He also expressed that he will serve "the district as long as he will be able to. Next, Brother Jerry Elzner, district. District VII placed 5th in sales by districts. Brother Frank Sacky has sold a policy a month for consecutive months and Sister Helen Pavelka of Lodge , sold a policy a month for 58 consecutive months.

There are 29 organizers in the district. Two new ones were added in , still no sales. Seven did not sell a policy all year. I at Taylor would be replaced by Mrs. She reported that there are three youth clubs in the district and that a training seminar will be held in Corpus Christi on May 5, , at the Sokol Hall. He stated that the Supreme Lodge is progressing and also to be sure and read the Vestnik. District VII is progressing and that only a few are suspended. He also reported that Sister Maxine Pavliska was appointed on a youth committee which was selected by the Supreme Lodge.

The committee. Wednesday, October 6, will visit several youth camps and later will give a report of their findings with respect to our youth of today. A tax seminar was held in Temple to help lodges keep good records of income, expenses and be sure that lodges make the report. He reported that over 8 million dollars of insurance had been sold in and there are 43, members in the Society. Premium refunds will be continued.

Brother Sefcik, editor of the Vestnik, was called upon.

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He stated that the youth get support from the The younger generation has to take over and make better citizens. Brother Kostelnik called the roll of lodges, which revealed eight lodges represented. Those present included Lodges 26, 56, 79, 93, , , , and The next meeting — no date and place.

Any lodge that wants to host the next meeting should notify the district president. A motion was made that all officers of the district be re-elected by acclamation, but President Kostelnik did not accept the presidency but would serve as vice president. Then a motion was made and approved as presented to the members that the following will serve the District VII. Brother Frank Sacky 79 — Pres. Brother James Kostelnik — vice pres. Brother Kostelnik then thanked the. Wednesday, October 6, membership present for their cooperation and understanding throughout the meeting and thanked host Lodge for being such gracious hosts.

The meeting adjourned and was followed by a youth program and a cake walk. Betty Jurica, Secretary, Dist. VII —61".. Dear Members and Friends, Our regular lodge meeting will be held Sunday afternoon, October 17th at 2 p. The ladies are asked to please bring a basket lunch to be served after the meeting. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Just a note to let you know we will not have a meeting in October. Our regular meeting falls on Czech Day in Dallas and our members will be in Dallas on that day, so our next meeting will be on November 14, at the Sokol Hall at 3 p.

I hope all of you can go to Dallas on Czech Day and where you meet your old and new friends and enjoy yourself. Please don't forget the next meeting — November 14th. The first: Misspelling the last name of Kalich. It came our Kartous. People are real sensitive about things like that. The second: Misjudgement. I learned early in our quarter century of marriage that the cardinal sin was to whimsically speak Of East Texas. During my first visit to this beautiful part of the country, I tried to join in the conversation by saying, "But I always thought California was considered the rose capital of the world," eventhough we were having dinner at the time, one of Randy's aunts and a sister excused themselves from the table.

But last week I slipped. This was taken as a direct insult. I'm lucky that all of my writing privileges haven't been taken from me. My third mistake was saying we'd have a "fish pond" for the children at our November 7th bazaar. Wrong again — it's a "grab bag" of "box," if you please.

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I was right about having a sweet shoppe, gift booth and of course, "games. We look forward to this day — it's sure to be successful, especially if you are among us. Vrazel band from Buckholts? How long has it been since you last saw and heard Alfred sing "Blue-Eyed Dolly" waltz? Well, that's too long! See you Saturday! Fraternally, Rose Scott, Ent. Dear Members and Readers, This short notice is to remind you of our next regular meeting on October 10th, at 4 p. The following members will receive their premium refund checks at this meeting: H.

Blum, Anna K. Chalapek, Jr. Labaj, Louis G. Lavendusky, Bettie Lesikar, Wade E. McDonald, Berdie B. Myles, Ladis C. Halasek, Bonnie R. Talasek, Reuben D. Wolfe If you need to contact me in reference to your checks, my phone number is and address is East Barton Drive, Temple, Texas You may send a self-addressed stamped envelope for mailing your check, also.

Let's see a large attendance for our next meeting. We are planning a celebration in November and wfll need your cooperation! See you soon Fraternally, Mrs. Dorothy Chervenka, Rec. Pech, concert organist and the conductor of the Concert Choral Society is planned. An outstanding cast of actors and singers and a fine chorus of villagers in colorful costuming will bring you an afternoon and ,evening entertainment filled with laughter, enjoyment, and fun. The musical director will again by many special requests open this operetta with his Concert Overture containing many Of the beautiful melodies of the operetta and then accompany the whole production on a special installed large organ, highlighting the exciting musical score of this stage production.

Invite your Englishspeaking friends, for there is a complete English synopsis of this play in every program. The cast of "Muziky, Muziky" is filled with some of our best Czech actors. In the role of the young teacher Kmoat. Flek the village musician finds a fine comical interpretation in Milo Karel. Cilinka, Kmoch's first love is played by well-known Wilhelmina Simecek. Pepinka, in love with Kmoch, will be presented by lovely Vera Bennicker. Zajicek, a young forester is quaintly portrayed by our new actor, John Trenig, Kmoch's father is presented by a fine actor, Jerry Pokorny.

The schoolmaster is in the hands of capable Otakar Urban, and Apolena, his wife, will be in the hands of our one and only Mary Johnson. Kmoch's mother is played by Marcella Janda, and Bozena Majova, actress from Prague, will be portrayed by the director of the play, Birdie Hilsher. The two forthcoming performances. For ticket information kindly call chairman of the committee of Backstage Inc. This presentation is sponsored by the entire District II. Tickets are available from District II lodge presidents.

Many who have seen this colorful operetta are planning to go and see it again. They will hear a completely DEW choral arrangement of the lilting melodies sung by a most effective and accomplished chorus and also see a new special folklore dance-interlude in the second act —the old fashioned polka staroceska polka. Don't miss these performances which contain some of the most impressive costumes, songs and music you can listen to over and over again and each time find new beauty and enjoyment hearing them.

The dramatic performances of our fine cast will hold your interest from the moment the curtain goes up to the last note of the effervescing finale. We deeply appreciate the many letters received and you may be certain that we will always bring you a performance of beauty and entertainment, the best we of Lodge Pokrok 8B can produce in this historical folkloric operetta.

Looking forward to seeing all of our valued friends in Schulenburg on October 17th at 2 and p. All of you come and bring someone else with you. We had good attendance in our last monthly meeting and after the welcome was given. Mary Bylsma, she remarked that it looked more like we have a golden age club meeting, which is good, because the older women enjoy getting together and sharing with each other their joys and sorrows which they have experienced since our last meeting.

Children are back in school and I guess the younger members are more involved in the school activity. We hope they will come to our meeting, every chance they get. We were all so glad to see Mrs. Anna Paprskar, who was absent for many Months, due to the injury st e suffered in a fall in her home. He daughter, Mrs. Anna Joe Juran brought her over. Carlo matteucci ist. Allegro 30 model air compressor.

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